Canadian Medical Association

Windsor, Ont.; Royal Canadian Air Force, WW II; University of Western Ontario, 1950; general practice. Died Aug. 7, 2020, aged 96. Survived by his wife Jean, 2 daughters, 3 stepdaughters, 3 grandchildren, 6 step-grandchildren and his great-grandchildren. “Ed came home from the war determined to become a doctor and help people. At Western he was part of a special class of veterans known as Meds ’50. The students at ‘Anatomy Table One’ became lifelong best friends and golfing buddies. Though dispersed throughout Ontario, family vacations, regular golf games and parties kept them close. He practised medicine in Windsor as a family doctor, physician and surgeon for over 50 years. He was doctor to many generations of families. In fact, his grandchildren are sure he delivered half of Windsor! He established the Chronic Care Unit at Hôtel -Dieu Hospital, was chief of staff at Hôtel -Dieu, oversaw the transformation of the nurses’ residence into doctors’ offices, and served as president of Physicians Services Incorporated, an Ontario-wide precursor to government medicare. For his service, he was recognized as a life member by the Ontario Medical Association and by the Canadian Medical Association.”

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