Canadian Medical Association

Montréal; Royal Air Force (RAF), WW II; University of Glasgow (Scotland), 1951; psychiatry. Died Aug. 11, 2017, aged 95. Survived by his wife Virginie and his second wife, Beverlea Tallant, 6 children, 1 stepchild and 17 grandchildren. "On his 18th birthday, Peter enlisted in the RAF. On D+1 (June 7, 1944), he was shot down in a Typhoon aircraft over Monts-en-Bessin, Normandy, where the family of Clément d'Huart and French locals rescued him before he became a prisoner of war. Peter built strong bonds with the many citizens who risked their lives to ensure his safety, and credited his good fortune to them. After the war he studied medicine in Glasgow and rowed in their colours at Henley. After training in London, he moved to Montréal to study and practise. During his lengthy career, Peter worked at the Royal Victoria Hospital, the Allan Memorial Institute and the Douglas Hospital. He was passionate about his medical research with airline pilots and the use of biofeedback. Very focused on his patients, he retired from private practice at the age of 93." An acquaintance wrote: "An amazing man who lived an amazing life."