Canadian Medical Association

Hamilton; University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands), 1955; family medicine. Died May 15, 2020, aged 92. Survived by his wife Didy, 7 children, 15 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren. “He started his medical studies in Amsterdam in 1947 and was certified as a physician in The Netherlands in 1955. After immigrating to Canada in 1956 he completed the required Canadian residency program in Hamilton, and in 1957 was certified as a general physician and surgeon, with a certification in midwifery. He was passionate about family medicine, and was dedicated to the patients in his family practice near Ryckman’s Corners (Hamilton) for 38 years. After retirement from his family practice in 1996 he continued working part time for over 10 years, doing locums for physicians in the Hamilton area.”

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