Canadian Medical Association

Montréal; Semmelweis University (Hungary), 1950; anesthesiology. Died because of viral pneumonia Jan. 18, 2020, aged 95. Survived by a daughter and 3 grandchildren. “In the dangerous conditions of 1956, Lea and her husband Paul (since deceased) fled to Austria and obtained refugee status in Canada. They started their new lives in Montréal with very little, but Lea was soon working as a resident in pediatrics at Sainte-Justine Hospital. She later switched to specialize in anesthesiology, and worked at Hôpital Jean-Talon for 35 years, from 1962 until she retired in 1997. Lea loved her time spent with friends and family, but she was happiest and most in her element while she was at work. She thrived on the bustle of the operating room and the camaraderie of her colleagues. She enjoyed her patients and their families, who were almost exclusively also immigrants. Part of her job was to reassure and inform patients before their operations, and it was there that her skill as a doctor shined. Throughout her career, Lea held firm in both her decision to become an anesthesiologist and her belief in the fairness of the Québec health care system in which she worked.”

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