Canadian Medical Association

Medical school provides you with the clinical skills you need to serve patients. But there are so many “non-clinical” skills you must learn to become independently practising physicians including:

  • evaluating practice opportunities 
  • negotiating contracts 
  • hiring staff 
  • financial planning
  • taxation 
  • billing

Joule, the CMA subsidiary, partners with medical schools across the country to offer Practice Management Curriculum (PMC) seminars, taught by our faculty of practising physicians and subject matter experts. 

Avoid pitfalls in your career and make the most of your practice with helpful tools like Joule’s PMC articles, checklists, and seminars at your medical school. Find the tools you need to transition into practice smoothly on Joule.

What residents say about PMC seminars 

“Very useful. Literally, the most valuable ‘life’ talk I have gotten in medical education."

"Great session with a lot of practical knowledge that isn't given to us during residency. Very useful."

“Fantastic presenter. Very engaging. Real life, helpful lessons."