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South Delta, BC; Queen’s University, 1946; anesthesiology. Died Feb. 16, 2020, aged 96. Survived by 5 children, 8 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. “Max was a Northern Ontario boy (Thessalon if you know the area), adventurous soul, debater (usually switching tack 180 degrees just to stir things up), jokester with a wicked sense of humour, lover of nature, raconteur and masterful sketcher, skier, horseback rider and occasional calf rounder-upper, anesthesiologist, and generous loving dad and family man. Max graduated from Queen’s just as the war ended. He was a member of the accelerated wartime class of Meds ’47, which completed 6 years of medical school in just 4 1/2 years. Initially a lumber company doctor in Kapuskasing, Ont., then a GP in Thunder Bay, Ont., he then (to quote him) ‘shoved off for an adventure out west.’ He was one of the first to train in anesthesia at the Vancouver General Hospital. There he stayed, enjoying working with his colleagues and the staff in Associated Anesthetic Services and the nurses and orderlies, and shepherding thousands of patients through their operations with skill and kindness. [As a colleague noted,] ‘Max was a marvellous colleague —- he never made you feel badly about asking for advice and was always eager to help. He was a superb anesthesiologist, and his sense of humour was unparalleled.’ Although maintaining his roots and ties to the east and his family, Max loved the west — especially the mountains, where he taught himself and then his kids to ski — and there were also the hikes, the trails for horseback riding, and the ocean for boating.”

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