Canadian Medical Association

Atlin, BC; University of Munich (West Germany), 1956; general practice. Died May 31, 2021, aged 91. Survived by 3 children and 9 grandchildren. “After a difficult childhood of persecution during WW II, Norbert trained as an electrician before studying medicine in Munich, where he excelled academically. In the 1950s he immigrated to Canada, and his first years were challenging and exciting. Despite his German medical education, he was required to complete medical training in Canada again, which gave him an opportunity to further demonstrate his sharp intelligence. He then lived in Aklavik and Inuvik in the Northwest Territories, providing medical services to many remote communities in the Arctic, often by plane and dog team. Norbert grew to love Inuit culture and the people of the North, and the stunning wilderness. He proudly displayed gifts of soapstone carvings and beadwork given by grateful patients. Following his time in the North, Norbert and his young family settled in Edmonton, where he practised at the Royal Alexandra and Charles Camsell hospitals, and in private practice, where he helped deliver thousands of babies. Medicine remained his passion and calling his entire adult life.”

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