Canadian Medical Association

Osoyoos, BC; University of Alberta, 1951. Died March 22, 2017, aged 95. Survived by his wife Marion, 2 children, 5 grandchildren and a great-grandchild. “He moved to Osoyoos in 1955 and had his own practice there until his retirement in 1987.” In 2015, the Osoyoos Times reported: “Dr. Gordon Shepherd, now 94, still remembers very well the terror he felt before he made his first parachute jump during World War II. Shepherd was never sent overseas during the war, but as one of the first dozen young men in the Royal Canadian Air Force trained in pararescue, he made history of his own. . . . Shepherd, who became a physician after the war, is honest about why he signed up with the air force in 1942. ‘I have to confess, I joined up because they would’ve put me in the army otherwise,’ he said.”

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