Canadian Medical Association

We sponsor events and projects that support a vibrant medical profession and promote the health of Canadians. Our sponsorships take many forms, including financial contributions and in-kind donations of products or services.

How we choose what to sponsor

We sponsor events and projects that:

  • Are relevant and beneficial to our members and the medical profession
  • Fit our strategic and work plans
  • Connect us with key stakeholders
  • Are broad in scope (i.e., of national importance or interest)
  • Reflect positively on the CMA and physicians

Ways of recognizing the CMA sponsorship include presenting our logo on event materials, providing free exhibit space or providing speaking opportunities.

Submit your application for CMA sponsorship

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Be sure to submit your application at least two months before your planned event or project.

Are there restrictions on CMA sponsorships?

The CMA cannot consider sponsorship requests that:

  • Support religious causes
  • Fall outside our Advertising and Sponsorship Policy
  • Constitute charitable donations
  • Are specific to a political party
  • Benefit a specific individual or their families
  • Contribute to commercial gain outside of the CMA enterprise
  • Create ongoing dependencies

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