Canadian Medical Association

We sponsor events and projects that contribute to a vibrant medical profession and promote the health of Canadians. Our sponsorships take many forms, including financial contributions and in-kind donations of products or services.

How we choose what to sponsor

We sponsor events and projects that:

•    Are relevant and beneficial to our members and the medical profession
•    Fit with our strategic and work plans
•    Connect us with key stakeholders
•    Are broad in scope (i.e., of national importance or interest)
•    Reflect positively on the CMA and physicians

Ways of recognizing the CMA as a sponsor include presenting our logo on event materials, providing free exhibit space or providing speaking opportunities.

Are there restrictions on CMA sponsorships?

The CMA cannot consider sponsorship requests that:

•    Support religious causes
•    Fall outside our Advertising and Sponsorship Policy
•    Constitute charitable donations
•    Are specific to a political party
•    Benefit single individuals or their families
•    Contribute to commercial gain outside of the CMA enterprise
•    Create ongoing dependencies

How to request CMA sponsorship

You can request a CMA sponsorship by email. Be sure to submit at least two months before your planned event or project.

What to include:

  • A summary of the event, activity or project
  • When it is happening (start and end dates)
  • Location and venue details
  • A description of your target audience
  • Sponsorship costs and levels
  • Marketing and promotional opportunities for sponsorship
  • How sponsorship will benefit the CMA, medical schools and/or physicians
  • How your request meets our sponsorship criteria
  • A description of your organization

How we evaluate requests

Our Enterprise Marketing and Communications (EMC) team processes all sponsorship requests and manages our sponsorship budget. We will confirm receipt of your request by email and let you know when you can expect a decision. 

If your request meets our criteria, it is submitted for further consideration by CMA senior management, who evaluate the opportunity in terms of cost, exposure, reach, audience, other sponsors and fit with the CMA’s goals and brand.

You will receive written confirmation of the final decision. If your request is approved, an EMC program manager will follow up to confirm details.

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