Canadian Medical Association

There has been a lot of discussions this week about political alignment at the Council of the Federation, but we’re pleased to see that Premiers are agreeing on one of the most important issues facing this country: the state of our health care system. 

The findings from national polling should be a wake up call for all political leaders. Health care is not only a pocketbook issue for the provinces and territories but for Canadians who are struggling to pay for medication and health services like mental health care.

The CMA views the Council of the Federation as an important forum to advance critical, pan-Canada priorities in health and health care. We would also like to take time to thank all the leaders we had the opportunity to meet this week. We are pleased to see the Premiers’ intention to hold a mental health symposium in the near future.

Our health system is strained and struggling to meet the needs of Canadians. We agree with Canada’s Premiers and believe the Federal government needs to deliver more resources to meet critical shortfalls being felt and borne by patients, caregivers and health care workers. We also believe that policy-makers and all stakeholders need to rethink the care delivery model, to ensure that Canadians get the health care they need in the most effective and efficient way possible. We look to the next federal election as the perfect opportunity to hear where all parties stand. And we intend to remind all party leaders to put health back on the agenda.

Dr. Gigi Osler, President
Canadian Medical Association.