Canadian Medical Association

Calgary; Dalhousie University, 1959; general practice. Died Sept. 6, 2020, aged 87. Survived by his wife Joan, 3 children, 5 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. “He started his medical practice as the town doctor in Shediac, NB. House calls were common in those days, and in the harsh winters plows were called so he could arrive to deliver babies. Sometimes grateful patients paid him with lobsters. In 1968, Malcolm temporarily moved his young family to Ontario, where he earned his diploma in public health from the University of Toronto. In 1969 he became the regional medical officer with NB Public Health, where he was instrumental in establishing a safe water system for the town of Shediac. In a later role, as regional medical director for CN Railway, Atlantic Canada, he established 1 of the first employee assistance programs in North America. Later, he felt especially proud of this accomplishment. He moved to Montréal in 1981 after being named chief medical officer for CN Railway and Air Canada, a role for which he was knighted by the Order of St. John. After a long tenure with CN, Malcolm returned to Moncton and settled into semi-retirement, providing medical and occupational health services to a number of companies and agencies, including the military, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and local police.”

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