Canadian Medical Association

Riverview, NB; University of Glasgow (Scotland), 1959; ophthalmology; life member, New Brunswick Medical Society. Died May 26, 2021, aged 86. Survived by his wife, Dr. Margaret Steven, 3 children and 4 grandchildren. “The family moved to Canada in 1968, first residing in Brandon, Man., and then settling in Riverview, where he practised ophthalmology in Moncton for most of his career, finally retiring in 2004. He was an avid outdoor enthusiast who served as a volunteer with NB Ground Search and Rescue and as trail master for the Dobson Trail. He also had a black belt in tae kwon do and was a prolific artist, producing pen and ink, water colour and oil drawings and paintings. He will also be remembered as a character, playing practical jokes on colleagues and neighbours. He was also known to present select ‘works of art’ to colleagues at service-award functions that were only suitable for storage, and these likely reside in a few basements around town.”

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