Canadian Medical Association

Ottawa – March 19, 2018 – Canada's physicians are pleased to see Health Canada take a public health approach to proposed cannabis regulations. Today's announcement calls for cannabis products to include tamper-evident, child resistant and plain packaging  provisions, as well as warning labels that clearly outline potential health risks associated with cannabis use. This is consistent with recommendations provided by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) in their submission to government earlier this year.

While we are encouraged to see this approach, there continues to be some concerns with respect to labelling of cannabis for medicinal purposes. The use of cannabis presents the same health risks regardless of how it may be acquired; this means that cannabis for medicinal purposes should face the same scrutiny and include the same health warning messages as non-medicinal cannabis.

The CMA maintains its position that there should be one system with one set of regulations for medicinal and non-medicinal cannabis, eliminating dual standards and regulations. 

Canada's doctors need to be involved in the five year evaluation of the medical distribution system and look forward to supporting the Government of Canada in ensuring the health of Canadians remains a priority as we move towards legalisation. 

Dr. Laurent Marcoux
CMA President

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