Canadian Medical Association

The findings from the latest Ipsos poll are not surprising, yet they serve as an important reminder to all federal candidates: time to elaborate on what you will do to improve health care in Canada about what you will do to improve our health care system.

With nearly five million Canadians who don’t have access to a health care provider, and provinces and territories struggling to fund rising health costs, voters are looking to the next federal government for a clear plan forward.   

Unfortunately, as we approach the midway point in this election campaign, the political discourse has done little to address Canadians’ questions. We have serious challenges to deal with and we need serious commitments to address them.

Canadians have been consistent and clear:  health care is their top concern and they want to hear about real solutions to help them find a family physician, afford the drugs they need, get mental health supports for the young people in their life, and care for aging family members.

The findings of the Ipsos poll aim to remind everyone about what matters. Let’s not play politics with our health. Canadians expect better.

Dr. Sandy Buchman
CMA President

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