Canadian Medical Association

Kamloops, BC; University of British Columbia, 2013; diagnostic radiology. Died June 30, 2022, following a cycling accident, aged 36. Survived by his wife Jen and 2 children. “Andrew was one of a kind. He excelled in every sense of the word, was uniquely multitalented and multifaceted, seamlessly picking up talents as a swimmer, soccer and rugby player, tennis and squash player, and with instruments including the violin/viola, piano and guitar. . . . Our family would like to thank the endless list of first responders, emergency and trauma teams, radiologists, and blood bank, intensive care and surgical teams, both in Kamloops and at Vancouver General Hospital, for their tireless efforts to do everything in their power to see Andrew through his injuries. They worked day and night, showing immense compassion for our family. Andrew displayed his resilience and formidably fought for 7 straight weeks. Even with all of the miracles produced by Andrew and his medical team, his injuries were too severe. He loved to live, and his beautiful heart continued to beat and go on when his body no longer could. Andrew received close to 100 units of blood throughout his hospital stay, and we would like to encourage anyone reading this to become a blood donor and sign up to be an organ donor. Andrew was at 1 stage considered a liver transplant candidate, so these gifts of life would be a lovely tribute to his life and may save someone who is in a similar position to Andrew.”

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