Canadian Medical Association

Vancouver; University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands), 1947; general practice. Died Aug. 17, 2021, aged 101. Survived by 3 children and 3 grandchildren. “Dr. van Norden was raised in a strictly Orthodox Jewish household. His early life was hard — his father died when he was 4, and his medical studies were interrupted by the invasion and occupation of the Netherlands [by Germany] in 1940. While most Amsterdam Jews died in concentration camps, Herman managed to survive by hiding, with the help of the Dutch Underground. Despite his attempts to convince his mother to join him, she refused, and eventually was killed in Auschwitz. Following the partial liberation of the Netherlands in 1944, Herman met Jacoba (later, Julia) Wouters [deceased] at a meeting in Utrecht for potential medical students. They married in 1949 and, after finishing their medical studies, they moved to Vancouver, and established a joint medical practice in 1953. Vancouver smiled on them, and their practice flourished. After retiring in 1989, Herman attended lectures at the Vancouver Institute, and took adult education courses at the University of British Columbia.”

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