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The CMA’s Very Involved Physicians (VIP) Program leverages the medical and political expertise of physician leaders to inform policy development, foster mentorship and support advocacy efforts. Members of the VIP program help drive positive change in health care and fulfil the CMA’s vision of a vibrant profession and a healthy population.

Dr. Peter Kuling, Lead Physician, The Ottawa Hospital

It feels good to advocate for the bigger picture. You’re not just fulfilling the needs of one patient at a time — which is important — but I think it’s better to advocate for your whole population of patients to improve their health.

Dr. Peter Kuling
Lead Physician, The Ottawa Hospital

If you are a CMA member with considerable political experience and you would like to apply for the VIP program, please fill out our application form. (Member login required)

If you have questions about our VIP program, please contact us.

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