Canadian Medical Association

Forest, Ont.; University of Toronto (U of T), 1983; family medicine. Died March 31, 2022, aged 64. Survived by his wife Deb, 2 children and 2 grandchildren. “When he graduated he was president of the Class of ’83 at the U of T medical school. After his residency at Western, they chose to settle by Lake Huron, where Ken could build and nurture his family practice. He loved being a family physician for the folk of Kettle Point and Forest. He loved his patients and staff, and carried their stories and lives close to his heart. He could become a fierce gale on behalf of a patient, often doing things like waking up early to chat with a specialist at the coffee machine at Bluewater Health to advocate for a timely referral. He was honoured to be a third-generation family physician, carrying on his family’s legacy of service to his community, making home visits in his breezy convertible on country roads like his physician grandfather had done with his horse and buggy.”

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