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How many on-call hours are you logging? Can your patients book appointments with you online? Are you trying to get licensed to practise in another province?

The CMA is looking for answers to these questions, and others, as part of its 2019 Workforce Survey.

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Held every two years, the survey compiles valuable information from physicians on topics such as workload, remuneration, wait times, technology and employment.

The findings are used by both the CMA and other stakeholders to track changing trends in the physician workforce, develop policy on issues such as national licensure, physician health and virtual care, and inform health human resource planning at the regional and national levels.

Wondering how physicians responded to our last survey? Check out the results from 2017

During the Regional Member Forums earlier this year, the CMA heard from physicians and medical students about the changes needed within the health care system to better reflect the way physicians work today: from more support for virtual care, to simplifying the licensing process to getting the right distribution of doctors across the country.

Data is key to creating solutions that work, and the Workforce Survey is one way the CMA is helping to build a more accurate understanding of who Canada’s physicians are, and how they practise.   

The CMA Workforce Survey is in the field until May 3 and is open to all practising physicians in Canada. You do not need to be a CMA member to participate.

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