Canadian Medical Association

Windsor, Ont.; St. Joseph University (Lebanon), 1947; general practice. Died Jan. 29, 2019, aged 97. Survived by his wife Irene, 5 children, 14 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. “One of the first doctors of Middle Eastern descent to practise medicine in southwestern Ontario, ‘Dr. Mike’ practised in Windsor for more than half a century, continuing past his 90th birthday. He enjoyed a special affinity with many of the city’s immigrant communities, which was made possible by his fluency in 5 languages. He loved his work. He was honoured with a medal for years of public service in the year of the Queen’s Jubilee, and was called ‘The People’s Doctor.’ With his wife of 69 years, Irene, and their long-time caregiver, the late Emilia (Bea) Rossi, he raised a pharmacist, an occupational therapist and 3 doctors. Mike is remembered widely for his unflagging work ethic, empathy, humour and worldliness.”