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Medical professionalism: We’re in this together

As we look to charting a course for the future, the CMA has launched a series of online and face-to-face discussions to develop a new understanding of medical professionalism, one that reflects the evolving role of the physician and our contemporary professional responsibilities and expectations.

Three key initiatives are underway, the first of which is the development of a Charter of Shared Values.

A Charter of Shared Values


All these words and more can be used to articulate the values and commitments that help strengthen our professional responsibilities and define what we strive to do every day – words to which physicians can commit in support of a unified profession in the service of our patients.

Why does it matter?

We achieve the highest degree of individual and collective success when we work together, commit together and believe together; when we share a framework of common values, virtues and principles; and when we subscribe to the same explicit and implicit understandings.

What can’t we miss in a Charter of Shared Values?

Help further define our profession’s shared values by reviewing the proposed Charter of Shared Values and then answer a series of questions before November 30th.

A new Code of Ethics

What are the fundamental values and commitments to which our profession aspires? What are our obligations to patients and society? How do we define the ethical practice of medicine?

The CMA’s Code of Ethics will turn 150 in 2018. This revision will reaffirm the core values and fundamental commitments that underpin the medical profession and articulate physicians’ contemporary professional responsibilities to patients, to society and to each other to guide the ethical practice of medicine.

Learn more about the evolving discussions and framework around the new Code of Ethics in this live video featuring the CMA’s Director of Ethics and Professional Affairs, the Chair of the CMA’s committee on Ethics and the Chair of the Code of Ethics Revision Task Force.

A draft Code of Ethics will be ready for further feedback in March 2018.

Development of an Accountability Framework

What are physicians accountable for as a commitment to the health care system?

This new framework will serve to guide the development, implementation and systematic management of accountability initiatives at the practice, regional, provincial, territorial and national levels.

Want to participate in the medical professionalism discussion?

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