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Ethics and professional affairs

What are the values and commitments to which our profession aspires? What are our obligations to patients, our medical colleagues and society? How do we define the ethical practice of medicine?

In 2017 the CMA began asking these questions — consulting with hundreds of members online and in person — to develop a modern understanding of medical professionalism, reflecting physicians’ evolving roles and professional responsibilities.

The Charter of Shared Values

The Charter of Shared Values 

The Charter of Shared Values is the first resource to be released, and it represents physicians’ commitments to each other, in support of a unified profession. It is based on the belief that physicians achieve success when they share a set of common values, virtues and principles.

The Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is a guide to the ethical practice of medicine. It was first published in 1868 and is arguably the most important document produced by the CMA. The CMA continues to consult widely on this document. The most up-to-date version of the draft Code will be discussed at the upcoming General Council in August.

This work represents a major revision to the past version of the Code (2004) and it aims to reaffirm the core values and commitments that underpin the medical profession, and to articulate physicians’ professional responsibilities to patients and to society.

The CMA Office of Ethics

The CMA Office of Ethics is responsible for developing, maintaining and revising policies and guidelines on ethical and professional issues, as well as serving as secretariat for the Committee on Ethics.

  • Vice-President, Medical Professionalism - Dr. Jeff Blackmer, MD, MHSc, FRCPC
  • Director - Cécile Bensimon, PhD
  • Contact: