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Care providers are struggling.

Patient care is suffering.

Find out how the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is driving action on the health care crisis.

Pressing for government collaboration and action

Standing up for the health workforce and a better health system has never been more urgent — and transformational change will require a pan-Canadian response. We’re sharing the physician perspective, partnering with colleagues across the health sector and calling for action at the highest levels, in discussions with the deputy prime minister and other senior federal officials, and at high-profile meetings of the Council of the Federation and federal/provincial/territorial health ministers.

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Our recommendations include:

  • reduced barriers to licensure to relieve pressure on the workforce and increase access across the continuum of care
  • expanded community-based primary care to better support patients and doctors 
  • a national health human resources strategy to more effectively recruit and retain health workers
  • consistent enforcement of the new anti-harassment law to protect health workers

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We are really on the peak of our challenges at the moment. We have to change how we are managing and delivering health care in Canada.

— CMA President Dr. Kathleen Ross

Leading the conversation on national solutions

Our Health Summit Series: Bold Choices in Health Care brings together doctors, politicians and other health stakeholders to debate the difficult decisions needed to avoid system collapse and move the dial on the transformation of health care.

Partnering for impact on the health workforce crisis

With health workers suffering record-high levels of burnout and exhaustion, the CMA and the Canadian Nurses Association co-hosted two emergency summits, attracting dozens of national and provincial organizations and resulting in a united call for immediate government action.

Health care workers are relying on the leadership of the federal government to support a way forward. By aiding medical professionals, you’re helping every Canadian — now and in the future.

— Dr. Katharine Smart, former CMA president, sharing emergency summit recommendations with a parliamentary committee

What physicians can do to help

Collaboration with physicians and learners of all ages, stages and specialties, from rural and remote communities as well as big cities, is essential for a better way forward.

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