Canadian Medical Association

When we know better, we do better.

Canadians are experiencing a systemic change in how they receive and interact with health information — and it’s having a real impact on our collective understanding of both the challenges in health care and how we can get from now to next.

At the CMA, we recognize the critical role journalism plays in advancing understanding, debate and policy decisions. Through CMA Media, we’re contributing directly to the quality and quantity of health system news and information, through original reporting and collaborations on other forms of storytelling.

Here’s how we’re empowering Canadians to take back their health care and inspire system-wide innovation:

Mobilizing knowledge to understand shared challenges

The CMA’s new Health & Media Annual Tracking Survey examines the complex issues of trust that underpin the dissemination of health care information in Canada. Through reports like these, we hope to better inform decision-makers and inspire innovative solutions to shared challenges.

Building a community of trusted sources

The challenges facing our health care systems are complex and multi-faceted. We’re building a community of health information sources Canadians can trust by investing in health journalism through a partnership with The Canadian Press and supporting physician advocates through the CMA Media Network.

Making reliable health system information accessible to all Canadians

Young Canadians are accessing media and information in new ways — and we’re committed to reaching them where they are. We’re at work on an online hub and social media channels to share trusted health system information that speaks to the next generation.

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