Canadian Medical Association

The CMA recognizes the critical role of journalism in advancing debate and policy decisions. Through CMA Media, we’re contributing directly to the quality and quantity of health system news through original reporting and collaborations on other forms of storytelling. To inform and engage Canadians on social media, we’re also developing a network of physicians who are actively engaging on social media.

CMA Media network

Conversations online are critically important to connect Canadians and provide them with credible health system news and information. 

CMA Media provides context for discussions on social media, and highlights solutions to systemic problems. This includes support for an innovative network of physicians who are passionate advocates and leaders -- sharing information online and in media with the goal of making change in the health care system.

Participation is voluntary and network participants have complete autonomy, selecting which topics they want to engage in.

Want more information on CMA Media? Connect with us at [email protected]

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