Canadian Medical Association

Ottawa, October 30, 2017 – Physician-innovators will be part of the Canadian Medical Association's (CMA's) first delegation to TEDMED, the independent health and medicine edition of the world-famous TED conference. The CMA-led delegation of physicians, health innovators and stakeholders will showcase innovation and gain insights from world leaders, in keeping with the association's role as TEDMED's first Canadian global partner.

The Canadian participants will join over 800 delegates from more than 100 countries, learning, networking and exchanging ideas. Thousands of other participants will connect virtually to create a global movement of change.

"As the first Canadian global partner of TEDMED, the CMA is reaching out to the global community to partner, learn, and share in an unprecedented way," stated Dr. Laurent Marcoux, CMA president. "The future of health care is being shaped by new technologies, innovative practices, and patient empowerment. Canada has a meaningful contribution to make while also seeking to learn from others."

Each year, TEDMED celebrates the ideas behind progress in health and medicine through a program called the Hive, dedicated to celebrating the power of imagination and human potential. The CMA is pleased to be hosting a conversation at this year's event on the opportunities to achieve exponential change to empower patients and physicians.  

The CMA, with its innovation-focused subsidiary Joule™, announced the partnership with TEDMED at its 2017 General Council and Annual Meeting in August. The 3-year initiative is part of the CMA's new strategic mission of empowering and caring for patients and its vision for a vibrant profession and a healthy population. 

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