Canadian Medical Association

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) welcomes the creation of the Coalition for Action for Health Workers and is pleased to see that our call for federal leadership in health care has been heard. We look forward to collaborating with health care stakeholders to develop tangible steps to improving the health system for the benefit of patients and providers. 

Our priority remains the stabilization of the health care system to support all health care workers who have exhausted themselves since the pandemic began. Canadian physicians are burning out at an alarming rate; 53% of physicians who responded to the CMA’s 2021 National Physician Health Survey reported experiencing high levels of burnout. Improving timely access to health care for all people in this country must remain at the forefront of the Coalition’s objectives and work.

These are challenges occurring everywhere in Canada and no one jurisdiction can manage them alone. We must seize this opportunity to work together and reimagine Canada’s health system. The CMA reiterates its commitment to finding concrete and lasting solutions that will have tangible impacts on health care workers and thus, all Canadians.

Dr. Alika Lafontaine
CMA President

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