Canadian Medical Association

​Ottawa, October 20, 2017 - The CMA believes that this week's announcements by the Federal Finance Minister are an important signal of openness to dialogue, as the government announced changes to its original tax proposal.

But our work is not done. The CMA will remain active on this advocacy file on behalf of Canadian physicians and all small business owners. It will continue to work alongside the Coalition for Small Business Tax Fairness and coordinate its work with Provincial and Territorial Medical Associations and National Specialty Societies.  Next week, the CMA will be presenting to the Senate Committee on Finance that is currently studying the impact of the proposed changes. We hope to work with policy-makers in pursuit of tax policies that are fair for physicians, other small business people and all Canadians. 

During the past few months, physicians sent more than 10,000 letters to Members of Parliament and Minister Morneau, met with MPs in their ridings, participated in town hall meetings and voiced their perspectives in local, national and social media because of the serious implications of the original proposal.

Analysis of the announcements is now underway, and our advocacy work continues.

Dr. Laurent Marcoux

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