Canadian Medical Association

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is deeply disturbed by ongoing reports of organ trafficking targeting minority populations in China. Recent reports from the China Tribunal and the Uyghur Tribunal have presented compelling evidence that forced organ harvesting and numerous other serious offences are occurring in the People’s Republic of China among the Uyghur population and other minorities.  

The CMA strongly condemns these actions.  

We strongly support Bill S-223, An Act to amend the Criminal Code and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (trafficking in human organs), which proposes new criminal offences for the coercion of organ donation and transplantation anywhere in the world.  

The CMA strongly discourages Canadians from participating in organ tourism as a recipient or donor and urges physicians to take no part in transplantation procedures where they suspect that organs have been taken without prior informed consent. 

Dr. Katharine Smart 

President, Canadian Medical Association 

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