Canadian Medical Association

As Canada’s physicians, we know that health extends beyond the walls of a hospital or clinic. Addressing housing and dental care challenges are important measures to support a healthy population. While the 2022 federal budget delivers important programs to support equitable access to good health, much more needs to be done to address Canada’s health care system crisis.    

The COVID-19 pandemic is not over. While we are pleased to see funds dedicated to addressing the backlog of surgeries and procedures as well as access to care in rural and remote communities, a stronger commitment to rebuild Canada’s health care system is needed. As the pandemic has clearly shown, the health care system is intrinsically linked to a healthy economy. A pan-Canadian health workforce plan along with investments to rebuild our health care system are urgently needed.

Addressing the gaps in our health care system will require commitments from all levels of government and health stakeholders. We urge the federal government to show leadership and initiate the development of tangible solutions, in collaboration with provinces and territories, to rebuild health care. The Canadian Medical Association is committed to this important work.

Dr. Katharine Smart
President, Canadian Medical Association

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