Canadian Medical Association

OTTAWA – May 12, 2018 – In exactly 100 days, Canada's doctors will join innovators, disruptors and health and patient advocates to discuss and learn how to revolutionize health care. With the focus on precision medicine, robotics, augmented intelligence and technological innovation, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) will be holding its first Health Summit, bringing together thought leaders from various sectors to break down barriers to innovation and technological advancements in health.

"Canada is falling behind in health care delivery, and that's simply not acceptable when we have all that is needed to deliver the best health care in the world. We need a vision and a plan, and the Health Summit will drive this agenda of change and help identify solutions for the future," says Dr. Laurent Marcoux, CMA president.

From August 20-21, a lineup of speakers — including physicians, scientists, policy makers, patients, and innovators— will spark a national conversation on embracing disruptive and innovative practices. Throughout the conference, participants will discuss how to embrace innovative solutions to reach vulnerable populations and leverage data to drive quality outcomes.

Health Summit speakers include:

  • Brian Brodie

    Brian Brodie is a physician, board chair and the principal visionary for the CMA's bold vision of change. He has shared his vision for the future of the medical profession and a renewed health care system at numerous conferences. He is also a 2018 fellow with the Institute of Corporate Directors. 
  • Judith John

    A dedicated patient advocate, Judith John works to improve the patient experience within health care systems. She also works with physicians, residents and medical students, is participating in innovation projects with the CMA's subsidiary, Joule, and regularly contributes to numerous articles, media appearances and speaking engagements in both Canada and the United States.
  • Philip Edgcumbe

    A medical student at the University of British Columbia, Philip Edgcumbe is looking to positively impact the health of a billion people by connecting medicine, biomedical research and entrepreneurship. He is a 2017 recipient of the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Award, which recognizes medical students for community leadership, communication skills and advancing knowledge and innovation in Canadian health care

Yanick Beaulieu, Cindy Blackstock, Dawnmarie Harriott, Kendall Ho, Zayna Khayat, Tara Kiran, Sonny Kohli, Alika Lafontaine, Kevin Pottie, and Peter W. Vaughan are also scheduled to speak. Learn more about the speakers here