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At the CMA, we’re committed to tackling the health issues that matter to our members. We’ve recently launched a community engagement platform to make it easier for members to connect with a community of people engaged in a specific health topic, and to share their feedback and ideas with the CMA.

Certain areas of the platform are also open to non-members, such as allied health providers, policy-makers, stakeholders, patients and the public.

Current health topic discussions

Topics now open on the platform include:

On Jan. 26, we’ll also be launching a discussion on Canada’s physician workforce, and physician health and wellness, in conjunction with our Regional Member Forums.

Once each discussion has closed, we will be sharing summaries of the feedback we received and how participants helped shape our policies in these areas.

Communities of Interest

In addition to regularly scheduled health topic discussions, the platform also hosts communities of interest.

Members can use the site to start their own conversations on a topic of their choosing and connect with other participants with shared interests. They can also learn more about the communities the CMA sponsored through our 2018 communities of interest grant program (Indigenous health, equity in medicine, substance use, medical assistance in dying, and medical care for vulnerable populations).

Our members’ input matters. By joining the platform and sharing your expertise, you can help ensure our policies are accurate and comprehensive, and that we’re taking action on the health issues you care about.

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