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Today, the CMA expressed its support for the federal government’s overall direction in the new Canada's Food Guide, an important resource for Canadians and health providers on the key role of food in health.

The CMA is particularly pleased with the evidence-based review and extensive consultation process used to draft the new guide, to ensure it was founded on unbiased research.

The CMA was an active participant throughout the consultation process, submitting a brief to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health in June 2018. The new food guide addresses many of these recommendations.

The CMA looks forward to the deployment of Phase 2 of the food guide, which will provide practical tools for health professionals and Canadians to apply the principles of the new guide.

Moving forward, the CMA encourages the federal government to enhance the effectiveness of the new food guide by implementing front-of-package labelling and prohibiting food and beverage marketing directed at children, two initiatives currently before Parliament. 

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