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Organ and tissue donation and transplantation

Medical advances have dramatically increased the rates of organ and tissue transplant success. But some also raise ethical issues for physicians, service providers, policy-makers and other system stakeholders. This CMA policy offers guidance on such issues, based on general and professional ethical principles.

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Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Ethical challenges can arise when physicians treat patients living with HIV or AIDS, including whether to divulge a positive status to a patient’s spouse or partner. Our policy clarifies physicians’ ethical responsibilities in this aspect and others related to HIV.

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Direct-to-consumer genetic testing

Private companies now offer consumer genetic testing services over the Internet. This direct-to-consumer testing is vastly different from clinical genetic testing by health care providers. Our policy explores the ethical issues surrounding this practice and clarifies the role of physicians and governments.

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Assisted reproduction

Assisted human reproduction, like any other medical procedures, has the potential to both benefit and harm. This CMA policy outlines the objectives of regulatory regimes and includes principles to guide decision-makers in developing regulations for assisted reproduction in Canada.

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Guidelines for physicians in interactions with industry

Physicians often collaborate with the pharmaceutical and health supply industries for research, education and other purposes. These can present conflicts of interest at odds with physicians’ primary duty to patients and society. The guidelines included in this policy can help you determine what type of relationship with industry is appropriate.

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Ethical decision-making and the Coronavirus pandemic

The medical community is facing unprecedented ethical challenges as a result of COVID-19. Our framework is intended to assist physicians in the difficult decision-making process during the pandemic, in cases where there are insufficient critical care resources to meet demand.

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