Canadian Medical Association

As a physician, you have a first-hand view of the issues facing your practice, patients and community. Member health policy proposals are an important way to share your ideas for change with the CMA.

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for proposals that align with our vision, our mission and the goals of our strategy, Impact 2040.

Submit your member health policy proposal to help set CMA policy, clarify our position and shape our advocacy on important health issues that are aligned with Impact 2040. Your proposal might be an amendment to an existing policy or a suggestion for a brand-new one.

How do I submit a proposal?

Your first step is to fill out the member health policy proposal submission form. We’ll ask for information about your proposal, why you think it’s needed, how it aligns with Impact 2040 and what you hope it will accomplish. You’ll also need to list 10 other members who support it.

If your proposal is accepted, it will be included in the CMA’s policy database. If at any point in the process your proposal is rejected, we’ll let you know.

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