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OTTAWA, Feb. 17, 2016 – CMA President Dr. Cindy Forbes appeared before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance today to recommend critical federal action in health and health care as a part of its pre-budget consultations.

The CMA is pleased that the new federal government has brought with it an appetite for change, a sense of engagement and collaboration with provinces, and a focus on health as a key issue worthy of investment.

The CMA’s recommendations for the federal budget are focused on tangible and meaningful action that supports the advancement of the government’s commitments. These measures will go a long way in addressing the major challenges facing Canadians as well as the provinces and territories in meeting the needs of our aging population.

“Given the changing needs of our patients, we can’t keep investing in more of the same,” said Dr. Forbes. “We need to start thinking about spending smarter and putting money towards services that will have the greatest benefit.”

Recommendations include a new top-up to the Canada Health Transfer, federal investment in long-term care infrastructure, a new home care innovation fund and making prescription medication more affordable.

The CMA’s recommendations have been designed to deliver immediate support in areas where Canadians are struggling the most.

“We can’t wait for another budget cycle to get Canadians the care they need,” said Dr. Forbes. “These measures will not only save the system money down the road but they’ll also provide Canadians with better care.”

In supporting these proposed efforts, the federal government will lay the groundwork to support collaboration with the provinces and territories on the new Health Accord.

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