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The process is underway to find the next Canadian Medical Association (CMA) president for 2022–23.

This year’s five nominees are from Alberta, following a process that sees the presidency rotated among the provinces and territories. They are:

  • Dr. Vishal Bhella
  • Dr. Michael Giuffre
  • Dr. Noel Grisdale
  • Dr. Alika Lafontaine
  • Dr. James Makokis

CMA members are being invited to put forward their questions to candidates about their advocacy experience, how they plan to support the work of the CMA, how they intend to unite the profession and more. The questions will be used in a video to help CMA members learn more about each candidate.

CMA members can submit their questions in two ways:

The deadline for questions is Dec. 20

After that date, members can visit the platform to see what others have asked and to vote for their favourite questions until Jan. 3; candidates will be answering the top three most popular ones in the new year.

How is the CMA president selected?

  • The presidency is rotated among the provinces and territories (excluding Nunavut).
  • In October, members from the host province/territory are invited to put forward their candidates for the position.
  • The candidates are invited to answer questions from the general membership and their information is posted on in mid-January.
  • In February, members from the host province/territory are invited to vote to select their nominee.
  • That nominee is put forward for ratification at the CMA’s Annual General Meeting later that year. 
  • If successful, they will assume the position of CMA president at the subsequent annual meeting and will serve in the role for that association year.

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