Canadian Medical Association

​May 25, 2018

To: Ontario Political Party Leaders

Dear Party Leaders:

Elections are an important time for public policy discussions. Today in Ontario, there's an opportunity for critical dialogue between all parties and the public on our shared priorities.

This election, we're hearing loud and clear: the state of our cherished health care system is top of mind for Ontarians.

Ontario's doctors are raising awareness about the state of wait times across our health care system and their direct impact on patients. My colleague, Dr. Chris Simpson, a former president of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), recently wrote about how the underlying challenges in our health care system are contributing to wait times. 

Another alarming trend in our health care system is the growing cohort of Canadian trained medical graduates who do not secure a residency training position during the Canadian Residency Matching Service process. This cohort has been increasing in size over the last decade to its highest level this year, as the latest data indicates. Despite recent commitments in Ontario to fund additional residency spaces, the issue remains unresolved and concerning.

Often in health care, the complexity of the system deflects commitments for meaningful change. But commitment to change, and specifically improvement, is what's needed.

These are two examples of provincial issues of national importance. This election, the CMA looks to our political leaders for courageous dialogue on improving Ontario's health care system, for our patients and their families.


Laurent Marcoux, MD, MSc

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