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Dear colleagues,

I am asking for your support to work with the CMA to bring forward a convincing opposition to the Government of Canada's proposed tax reform affecting private corporations. Our membership is rightly concerned by these potential changes, not just for them, but for millions of independent Canadian small business operators.

These changes are unacceptable; physicians and other small business operators have been allowed to incorporate for decades. The right to incorporate reflects the unique – and precarious – nature of operating as an independent business operator. Unlike employees of large organizations or governments, most self-employed individuals have no paid parental leave, pension plans, mandatory vacation time, sick leave or disability benefits. We see this as affecting women, entrepreneurs, and everyday Canadians.

The government appears set on implementing these changes and nothing is more effective than individual doctors talking directly to their local politicians. We have a short window to make ourselves heard, and I urge each one of you to write, call and meet with your local MP and your provincial or territorial representative (MPP, MLA, MNA, etc.). 

The CMA has key messages to augment your own compelling personal narrative, which highlight the consequences this will have for you and your patients. As well, we will take the opportunity of the upcoming General Council meeting this month to discuss our advocacy strategy and to obtain physician input for our technical brief to government.

Keeping you informed is of utmost importance to us, and starting this week, you will receive a weekly "TAX ALERT" by email. This regular communication will ensure you are kept up to date on developments as they occur. We continue to seek your input on how this will affect you, your practice and your patients. Please send your insights to [email protected].

The CMA will be joined by dozens of other organizations who also represent independent business operators to make our case to the government. We intend to demonstrate that implementing these changes will cause greater impact than many realize. With your help, we will mount a strong and convincing opposition to this plan.

Dr. Granger Avery
CMA President

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