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On May 1, physicians will see many expressions of gratitude for their dedication to Canadians.

It’s well deserved. Physicians work tirelessly for their patients, even as insufficient staffing, unnecessary administrative tasks and increasing complexity of care make health professions more challenging than ever.

But today, and every day, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) believes the best way to show our appreciation for physicians is by taking meaningful action, together, to build a better health care system — better access for patients and better working environments for providers.

“I want to thank my extraordinary colleagues. They continue to show the best of medicine despite the momentous challenges in health care,” says CMA President Dr. Alika Lafontaine. “We all deserve to thrive in our work environments, instead of operating in survival mode. It’s time to build a health care system that prioritizes patient care and the wellbeing of health care workers.”

Our advocacy for and with physicians is already having an impact.

The health spending outlined in the 2023 federal budget, a reflection of tireless work by the CMA, is the first significant increase to the Canada Health Transfer in two decades.

This funding will also hold provinces and territories accountable on improving physician mobility — a significant breakthrough on the CMA’s call for pan-Canadian licensure.

The CMA is advocating for other changes to transform physicians’ working environments, including reducing administrative burden.

We also continue to advocate for a health workforce coordinated across disciplines and specialties, geography, funding models, population health needs — and rooted in core principles of equity and reconciliation.

The CMA will continue to elevate physician advocacy and hold decision-makers accountable for real, sustainable change, the best thank you for the work doctors do.  

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