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Medical school prepares you to be a great doctor. What it doesn’t always teach you is how to run an efficient, sustainable medical practice. Yet how you run your practice can have an impact on the quality of care you’re able to provide your patients.

As a CMA member, you can take advantage of the resources and tools we’ve developed to round out your managerial skills and bring your best. We offer learning modules on everything from interviewing job candidates and managing staff to getting the most from your office space. We even provide a platform to help you recruit employees. And you can access expert advice on key matters like what to do if you encounter legal issues related to care.

Resources for managing your practice

CMA subsidiary Joule offers a collection of resources to help you manage your practice effectively.

Your residency is finished. What next?

Keep track of what you need to do post-residency before you enter practice.

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Group versus solo practice

Weigh the pros and cons of group and solo practice.

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Get the most out of your practice space

Optimize your practice space for accessibility, functionality and more — from reception to your consultation rooms.

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What to include in an employment contract

Find out how to draft complete, well-considered contracts between you and your employees.

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How to negotiate effectively with employees

Follow these tips to negotiate employment terms with current and prospective employees.

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Should you accept a locum?

Ask yourself these questions before accepting a locum position to ensure a good fit.

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Practice comparison grid

Compare two or more practice opportunities on a number of important dimensions.

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Thinking of joining a practice? Questions to ask yourself.

Ask yourself these questions before joining a practice to help ensure your job satisfaction.

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What to consider before joining a group practice

Some key things to think about before joining a group practice.

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Surround yourself with experts you trust

From accountants to lawyers, learn who should be on your professional advisory team and how best to put their skills to use.

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Short-term versus long-term salaried positions

Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of short- and long-term salaried positions.

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Staff hiring sample interview questions

Ask these questions to get more useful information out of your interviews with job candidates.

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Staffing guidance

Learn what you can do to drive efficiency and promote job satisfaction among your staff.

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Joule’s Practice Management Curriculum

Learn how to negotiate more effectively, interview candidates for a staff position, draft a financial plan, manage medical records, and more with Joule’s practice management courses.

A faculty team with decades of experience in the business side of medicine teaches these courses throughout the year. Take a look at the calendar to find a date and time that work for you.

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Physician Incorporation Consent Form

Request consent to use CMA and /or MD trademarks in the names of medical professional corporations.

Portal for employers and jobseekers

Need staff for your medical practice? Find ideal candidates through drcareers, the CMA’s job board for physicians. Use the CMA member discount code at checkout to get a 25% discount on your job posting.


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