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The CMA has donated $50,000 to the Canadian Red Cross to support disaster relief and emergency preparedness.

This year, deadly heat waves, dangerous wildfires and flooding cost lives, homes and communities across Canada. BC residents were affected by all of these extreme weather events in the short span of six months.

With that in mind, 50% of this donation will support flood relief efforts in BC. The federal and BC provincial governments will each match the donation, providing an additional $50,000 in support.

“The situation in BC is heartbreaking and we hope this donation will contribute to much-needed relief efforts.” — Dr. Katharine Smart, CMA president

Extreme weather events continue to occur in Canada at an alarming rate. To plan for the future, the remaining donation will support disaster emergency preparedness efforts.

The CMA remains committed to tackling climate change, which has been a long-standing priority for the medical community.

“The harmful health effects of climate change have already been established. We need governments to take bold action now to minimize and mitigate the effects of climate change and to ensure a healthier planet for the future.” — Dr. Smart

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