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Deborah Scott-DouglasDeborah Scott-Douglas is assuming the position of Joule president on a permanent basis, following her interim appointment in July. She will also maintain her role as executive vice-president of innovation for the Canadian Medical Association (CMA).

Since her interim appointment, Deborah has expanded Joule’s network of partners, successfully recruited a new editor for CMAJ and strengthened alignment within the CMA enterprise structure. Deborah has also helped transition Joule to a shared-services model for common functions such as IT, finance, legal, HR and marketing. 

Moving forward, Deborah and her team will lead the design and implementation of innovation strategies and projects in support of the CMA’s 2020 strategic plan, as well as managing Joule’s member products and services. 

Prior to taking on this new role, Deborah held senior positions at both the CMA and Joule, as well as in academic and special libraries, publishing, health science accreditation and product management.

The CMA enterprise structure

CMAH 2018 oversees the CMA subsidiaries and promotes alignment with the strategy set forth by the CMA Board of Directors

Joule helps physicians be their best by supporting physician-led innovation, providing learning opportunities for physicians, and by offering access to leading evidence-based clinical products and research. 

The CMA Foundation provides impactful, charitable giving to registered Canadian charities to further excellence in health care.

CMA Investco Inc. is responsible for monitoring and managing the CMA’s assets.

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