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The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is committed to building a medical culture that is physically, psychologically, and culturally safe. 

Publicly, physicians are subjected to harassment, abusive language and intimidation. This is increasingly pronounced on social media where physician leaders and advocates have been the target of bullying and violent personal threats.

At the CMA, we are taking a stand against physical and psychological harassment, in-person and online. That’s why we applaud the federal government’s commitment to enact legislation to protect health workers from threats, violence, harassment and intimidation, and why we are meeting with social media platforms to help develop an action plan.

We are also looking inwards, and taking steps to ensure CMA employees, board members and all those in attendance at CMA-led meetings benefit from a safe environment -- where exchanges are respectful and free of abuse. Guided by the CMA Code of Ethics and Professionalism we seek to promote civility and cultivate collaborative and respectful relationships at all levels.

Believing that adherence to the Code has never been more important, we are reminding CMA members that when engaging with the CMA, including with the CMA Member Service Centre, interactions must be professional and free of abuse.

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