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COVID-19 isn’t done. Neither are we. Find out how the CMA supports physicians on the ground – wherever they are.

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“When systems are in crisis, health providers are ready to beat it. That’s what we trained for. But it’s not normal to always be in crisis.”
CMA President Dr. Alika Lafontaine

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“The very individuals who have endured difficult personal sacrifices to deliver care for Canadians, in some cases risking their lives for patients, are now enduring threats online and in health care settings ... I have personally received such threats.”
Past CMA President Dr. Katharine Smart


Resources supporting physicians

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Physicians and medical learners have reported record levels of burnout through the pandemic. The CMA is here to help.

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We can’t treat an ailing health system without first knowing where it hurts. Our research helps the CMA advocate for meaningful change to support physicians, medical learners and patients across the country.

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Clinical guidance

Patients rely on physicians to give medical advice that is relevant and reliable. We provide focused clinical guidance and tools on COVID-19 that physicians can trust.

Funding response projects:

Since the pandemic, the CMA Foundation (CMAF) has committed over $37.5 million to address urgent needs and build resilience in the health sector and in our communities.

Learn more about how CMAF is funding the fight against COVID-19.