Canadian Medical Association


Provoking influential dialogue

We drive change in health care by launching national conversations on issues that matter and facilitating knowledge sharing across the profession.


Supporting doctors in bringing their best

We help create the conditions for physicians to bring their full talent and best ideas to health care, contributing to a vibrant medical profession.


Uniting physicians to foster change

We bring together doctors from across Canada to share perspectives, build relationships and strike initiatives that lead to important change.


Amplifying the collective voice of physicians

We strengthen the voice of the profession by uniting doctors, medical students and residents across Canada in a single national association.


Leading the evolution of medical culture

We work collaboratively with physicians to ensure an outstanding medical culture in Canada, with high standards of professionalism and ethics.

Physicians empower and care for patients. It is their calling and their passion. This is reflected in our mission and integral to realizing our vision of a vibrant medical profession and a healthy population.

Our mission

Empowering and caring for patients

Our vision

A vibrant profession and a healthy population