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National Resident Awareness Week (Feb. 4–8) is an opportunity to recognize the contribution of over 12,000 medical residents who deliver care to Canadians across the country. Their commitment to learning, quality care for patients and health advocacy is a sign that the future of medicine is in good hands.

Residents work hard to deliver quality patient care each day,  while also championing change on a range of issues, including national medical licensure and virtual care as a way to address access issues across our country.

Medical residency can be very challenging, which is why the health of medical residents continues to be a concern and must become an important priority. In the CMA’s  National Physician Health Survey, more residents reported burnout and depression than practising physicians. This must be addressed urgently. This is one of the reasons why the CMA has created a new department of physician health and wellness, bringing in the expertise of Dr. Caroline Gérin-Lajoie as vice-president to outline the path forward to address the causes of burnout and depression in the medical profession.

The CMA is proud to work with and support trainees as they begin their medical career. During National Resident Awareness Week — and throughout the year — we say thank you for your contributions and your commitments to the health of Canada’s population.

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