Canadian Medical Association

The CMA has a long track record of driving important changes in Canada’s health system – from tobacco plain packaging to guidelines for opioid therapy.

Our new strategy builds on this tradition, harnessing the passion of our members and the public to build a better health system. As we implement CMA 2020, we are staying true to our advocacy work, and scaling up our resolve for change. 

There is no shortage of key issues that need our attention; but our goal is to identify the ones which will be the most impactful for physicians, patients, and Canadians.

Our advocacy in the future will be purposeful – and we need your help to identify which causes and issues should become our focus.

In the coming weeks, we will be consulting with our members and the public to help determine the issues we should take on, and build a movement of supporters to effect meaningful change.

Look for details of the consultation process in the next edition of the CMA 2020 newsletter.

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