Canadian Medical Association

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) joins other organizations in unequivocally condemning the recent terrorist attacks by Hamas and in calling for all involved to respect and adhere to international instruments and agreements as the loss of life, injuries and horrific devastation continues to mount. 
The sheer courage and dedication of health and humanitarian organizations working in the affected regions are nothing short of heroic. We commend them and join their appeal to protect access to medical care and essential supplies. As reported, medical services and supplies are desperately needed in the affected regions and all efforts must be made to maintain safe access to both. Medical facilities and health care providers must be protected. 
The CMA further recognizes the impact on Jewish and Palestinian Peoples living in Canada. No one should feel unsafe in our communities and all acts of antisemitism, violence, discrimination or intolerance against Jewish and Palestinian Peoples must be condemned.
As health professionals, we stand together and call for an immediate end to the suffering and loss of life in the Middle East and all war zones. 

Dr. Kathleen Ross
CMA President

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