Canadian Medical Association

The CMA has several committees to support its governance and overall activities. All committees include board directors who are appointed by the board. Certain committees also include members appointed by the board, members-at-large appointed by General Council (GC) delegates at the CMA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), and/or experts appointed by the board.

All committee terms are for up to three years, renewable once (except the medical student and medical resident positions, which are for one year, renewable twice).

Appointments Committee

  • Advises the board on appointments to committees, groups and advisory bodies (including external bodies), with the exception of search committees reporting directly to the board;  
  • undertakes additional searches for newly-established task forces or search committees upon board request;  
  • considers requests for physician nominees to outside organizations/bodies where there is no reporting relationship to the CMA; and 
  • assists the Nominations Committee as required.

Appointments Committee Members

  • Dr. Paula Cashin (NL), Director, Chair  
  • Dr. Marcia Clark (AB), Member-at-large
  • Dr. Clare Kozroski (SK), Director
  • Dr. Gerard MacDonald (NS), Director 
  • Dr. Nigel Walton (BC), Director

Audit and Finance Committee

  • Oversees the overall financial management of the association, including financial risk management, annual budget overview and the external audit function;
  • oversees the integrity and credibility of the association’s audited financial statements, liaises with the association’s external auditor and oversees the audit;
  • makes recommendations on the appointment of the external auditors, the administration of the CMA pension plan and membership fees; and
  • receives reports from the risk management team and information updates on enterprise financial matters and year-end consolidated financial statements.

Audit and Finance Committee Members

  • Dr. Allison Kennedy (NB), Director, Chair
  • Dr. Alykhan Abdulla (ON), Member-at-large
  • Dr. Brian E. Cummings (ON), Expert
  • Mr. Adam Harvey, (ON), Expert
  • Dr. Aaron Chiu (MB), Director
  • Dr. Gerard MacDonald (NS), Director
  • Dr. Larry Pan (PE), Director
  • Dr. Fredrykka Rinaldi (AB), Member-at-large
  • Dr. Suzanne Strasberg (ON), Board Chair

Awards Committee

  • Reports annually to the Board of Directors on the CMA Awards program in recognizing the achievements, leadership and contributions of physicians and individuals/organizations, consistent with the CMA vision; and 
  • is responsible for the nomination of individuals to the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame.

Awards Committee Members

  • Dr. Henry Annan (NS), Early Career Member (Chair)
  • Dr. Michael Golbey (BC), Member
  • Dr. Clare Kozroski (SK), Director
  • Dr. Meredith Giuliani (ON), Member
  • Dr. Linda Slocombe (AB), Member

Committee on Ethics

  • Elaborates, interprets and recommends amendments to the Code of Ethics and Professionalism and addresses problems related to ethics referred to the CMA;
  • advises the CMA on matters pertaining to ethical issues that arise from scientific and technological progress in the health sciences and ethical issues of interest or concern to the medical profession; and 
  • advises the CMA on ethical issues related to its core strategies and priorities.

Committee on Ethics Members

  • Dr. Barry Pakes (ON), Chair
  • Dr. Gilles Beauchamp (QC), Quebec Member 
  • Ms. Janet Ecker (ON), Director
  • Ms. Fiza Javed (ON), Student Member
  • Dr. Gali Katznelson (ON), Resident Member
  • Dr. Abraham Rudnick (NS), Atlantic Member 
  • Dr. Adrienne Mayes, (BC), British Columbia/Yukon Territory Member
  • Dr. Angela (Hong Tian) Dong (ON), Ontario Member 
  • Dr. Christine Gibson (AB), Prairies/Northwest Territories Member

Governance Committee

  • Advises and makes recommendations to the board, and the AGM as it pertains to bylaw approval and on all aspects of the governance of the association (excluding nominations and appointments); and
  • reviews member corporate proposals.

Governance Committee

  • Dr. André Bernard (NS), Member-at-large
  • Dr. Alexander Poole (YT), Director 
  • Dr. Aaron Chiu (MB), Director
  • Dr. Boluwaji Ogunyemi (NL), Member-at-large
  • Dr. Suzanne Strasberg (ON), Board Chair
  • Dr. Nigel Walton (BC), Director

Human Resources and Compensation Committee

  • Makes recommendations to the board with respect to the recruitment, compensation, evaluation, performance management and succession planning for the CMA CEO;  
  • makes recommendations to the CMA board with respect to the compensation for all elected/appointed CMA leadership;  
  • makes recommendations to the CMA board on the high-level principles to guide and direct the subsidiary boards in setting compensation for the subsidiary leadership;  
  • has visibility of the CMA Executive Leadership Team as it pertains to compensation, evaluation, performance management and succession planning; and 
  • has stewardship of the Respectful Workplace Policy.

Human Resources and Compensation Committee Members

  • Ms. Janet Ecker (ON), Non-physician Director, Chair
  • Dr. Jean-Joseph Condé (QC), Director 
  • Dr. Amanda Brisebois (AB), Director
  • Dr. Allison Kennedy (NB), Audit and Finance Committee Chair
  • Dr. Kathleen Ross (BC), Immediate Past President
  • Dr. Suzanne Strasberg (ON), Board Chair

Nominations Committee

  • Reporting annually to the CMA GC, recruits and secures strong balanced leadership for the association;  
  • calls for nominations reflecting the diversity and demography of the physician population; and 
  • interacts with divisions, affiliates and the membership to bring forward nominees for approval by GC.

Nominations Committee Members

  • Dr. Kathleen Ross (BC), Past President, Nominations Committee Chair
  • Dr. Paula Cashin (NL), Appointments Committee Chair
  • Dr. Daisy Dulay (BC), British Columbia Member
  • Dr. Lynn Dwyer (NL), Newfoundland and Labrador Member
  • Dr. Leisha Hawker (NS), Nova Scotia Member
  • Dr. David Lane (NL), Affiliates Member
  • Dr. Christie MacDonald (ON), Ontario Member
  • Dr. Mark MacMillan (NB), New Brunswick Member
  • Ms. Navjit Moore (BC), Student Member
  • Dr. Larry Pan (PE), Prince Edward Island Member
  • Dr. Ngozika Mbonu (AB), Alberta Member
  • Dr. Allan Woo (SK), Saskatchewan Member
  • Dr. Yong “Jason” Xiao (YT), Yukon Territory Member 
  • Dr. Robert Obara (MB), Manitoba Member
  • Dr. Kevin Yang Wu (QC), Quebec Member
  • Dr. Foluso Ishola (ON), Resident Member
  • Vacant, Northwest Territories Member
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