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Dr. Brian Brodie, the Canadian Medical Association’s (CMA’s) longest-serving board chair, was honoured at the CMA Annual General Meeting and Health Summit, with a new young leaders bursary in his name.

Starting in 2020, the Dr. Brian Brodie Medical Learner Leadership Award will be presented to one student and one resident who show outstanding dedication and commitment to advancing their leadership skills.

“It’s fitting for someone who has made great strides in medical leadership to have a bursary in his name that supports the next generation of leaders,” says CMA President Dr. Gigi Osler, who made the official announcement at the CMA Awards Gala.

Dr. Brodie is wrapping up six years as CMA board chair, completing a term that saw him transform the 151-year old association into an agile, responsive and purpose-driven organization.

“He continuously challenged the board to think bigger and think boldly – to look not at what’s possible today, but how we set up and transform the CMA for the next 150 years.” – Dr. Franco Rizzuti, former president of the Canadian Federation of Medical Students and CMA board member  

It’s that vision that inspired the board to embrace CMA 2020 – a five-year strategic plan.

The plan reaffirms the CMA’s commitment to the profession while acknowledging the importance of bringing a patient perspective to its work. Physician health and wellness became a top priority in keeping with the emphasis placed on supporting a vibrant profession.

CMA 2020 is also about strengthening the CMA’s advocacy and boldly taking on health issues that physicians and Canadians care about, like virtual care.

“Dr. Brodie’s leadership helped the CMA become a stronger and more focused organization – one ready for the future,” says Dr. Linda Slocombe, who has worked alongside Dr. Brodie for six years, as a board member and vice-chair.

In thanking his colleagues on the board, Dr. Brodie highlighted their hard work and successes: the creation of Joule, the transition from General Council to Health Summit, and the establishment of the CMA Patient Voice, to name a few.

“It has truly been a joy to be a part of an organization willing to embrace change and to provide members the support needed for decades to come,” says Dr. Brodie.

Dr. Carl Nohr, current vice-chair of the board of directors, says Dr. Brodie truly transformed the CMA, and his accomplishments won’t be forgotten.

“When the story of the CMA is retold in future generations, the name Brian Brodie will figure prominently in our history.”

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