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More than 500 Canadians have applied to become members of the CMA’s new patient engagement body, the CMA Patient Voice.

In May, the CMA launched the call for nominations, looking for 12 individuals with knowledge and experience as patients in Canada. Together, they will form the inaugural group, along with two appointed members of the CMA Board of Directors.

Rooted in the CMA 2020 strategic plan, the CMA Patient Voice was created to strengthen our advocacy efforts by providing an informed patient perspective, highlighting emerging issues amongst patients and the public, and providing insights on our patient engagement strategies and campaigns.

The selection panel – which includes three external patient engagement experts – is now creating a short list of candidates. In evaluating the applicants, the panel will be looking for diversity to ensure the group is reflective of Canadian society. Consideration will be given to applicants representing Indigenous, Francophone, LGBTQ and ethnocultural communities as well as persons with disabilities.

Following the panel’s review, the CMA hopes to announce the final 12 candidates this fall, and to hold the first meeting of the CMA Patient Voice before year end.

The CMA would like to thank its members for sharing the call for nominations with their patients.

As part of the CMA’s ongoing commitment to the patient perspective, we will be looking for more ways to hear from Canadians, through public surveys, the Demand a Plan campaign and participation at CMA events. Twenty-five patients are being sponsored to attend this year’s Health Summit in Winnipeg, and we look forward to hearing from them how innovation can impact our health and health systems.

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